Auto Accidents

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Crash, bang, boom…It sounds all too familiar.  People are involved in all types of accidents from minor fender benders to severe spinal “whiplash” injuries.  I have found that whether you were involved in an accident at 10 mph or 65 mph, you can still have damage to your spine.  Cars are manufactured differently than they […]


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One of the problems that many parents deal with today with their children is constipation.  It has become a problem that affects two out of every four children that come into my office.  These toxins continue to stay in the body and will cause sickness and ill health. Our children today also continue to have […]


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Depression touches one in three Americans in their lifetime and comes at great personal and economic cost.  Current treatment for this problem in America is often impersonal and focuses primarily on psychopharmacology.  The impact of depression is enormous in terms of human suffering and economic costs both nationally and globally.  Estimates of the yearly economic […]

Flu Shots

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A common ritual in America is getting a flu shot “just in case” when “flu season” is immanent.  How safe and effective are today’s influenza vaccines?  Dr. Scheifle and researchers described the results of a study of hospital workers receiving trivalent influenza vaccine prepared for the 1988-1989 flu season.  Of approximately 500 full-time workers in […]