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One of the problems that many parents deal with today with their children is constipation.  It has become a problem that affects two out of every four children that come into my office.  These toxins continue to stay in the body and will cause sickness and ill health. Our children today also continue to have a diet that has minimal fiber from grain and fruits and water.  The health and wellness of your child comes from within their own body and not from a pill, laxative or a potion.  The body’s ability to heal, regulate and eliminate is directly proportional to the function of the nervous system.  About 80% of children today are subluxated during the birth process (C-section, forceps or suction). This subluxation or misalignment interferes with the child’s ability to digest and eliminate foods. Research also states that before the age of six, your child will fall 2,500 times and three will be directly on their head (off the crib, bed or down the steps). The nervous system is the master controller of the body. There isn’t a single organ, or tissue gland that is not controlled by your child’s nervous system. Research states that it only takes the pressure of a dime to take away 60% of function in the nerve.  When your child’s nervous system is off or imbalanced his/her body will not eliminate wastes properly.

The greatest gift a parent can give their child is a complete and functioning nervous system.   A parent reported that after years of going the bathroom only one to two times per week, her daughter had regular daily bowel moments after chiropractic adjustments.  She also stated her daughter hasn’t been sick for a year and her skin looks dramatically healthier.  Another mom said her son has always had problems going to the bathroom. After adjustments he has more energy, no upset stomach and goes the bathroom every day.

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